Week 6 – Joseph

Scripture: Genesis 21-36 God made a sovereign promise to Abraham in Genesis 12. God promised to make Abraham into a great nation and that this nation would arise from his son. Genesis 21-36 tells the story of a God who is faithful to keep His promises! Isaac arrives on the stage of history 25 yearsContinue reading “Week 6 – Joseph”

Week 5 – Abraham’s Covenant

Scripture: Genesis 11:16 – 15:6 The global flood was God’s judgment on sin. However, the earth’s watery immersion didn’t wash the evil from the human heart. People continued to rebel against their Creator both individually and corporately. Ham sinned by dishonoring his father, Noah, after seeing him passed out drunk naked by delightfully sharing hisContinue reading “Week 5 – Abraham’s Covenant”

Week 4 – Noah and the Flood

Scripture: Genesis 6-9 A fungus spreads through tree roots across 2,200 acres in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest. It is estimated that this honey mushroom, spread throughout the forest, weighs a combined 7,567 to 35,000 tons, making it the largest living organism ever found. Popularly known as the honey mushroom, the Armillaria Ostoyae started from a single microscopicContinue reading “Week 4 – Noah and the Flood”

Week 3 – The Fall

Blog Scripture Focus: Genesis 3:1-5 Podcast Scripture Focus: Genesis 3:1-24 As I write this post, my four children range between the ages of 12 and 3. My youngest regularly provides different challenges for my wife and me to parent through compared to what we experienced with his three older siblings when they were his ageContinue reading “Week 3 – The Fall”

Week 1 – Creation and God

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2:4 There are probably no more debated chapters of the Bible than Genesis 1 and 2. From creation versus evolution to young earth versus old earth, and perspectives on how to read these initial chapters either as historical narrative or simply figuratively, the reason for debate are numerous. However, as we look atContinue reading “Week 1 – Creation and God”