Week 18 – Psalm 51

Read Psalm 51:1-19 Steph (my wife) and I were riding in the car when she asked me a question that not only took me by surprise but also caused a flood of embarrassment and shame to warmly manifest themselves in my face and body with an increase in my body’s temperature and clamminess. “I wasContinue reading “Week 18 – Psalm 51”

Week 17 – God, My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Read Psalm 23:1-6 You could do a virtual dive via a quick Google search to see what songs are considered to have defined your generation. As a millennial (someone born between 1981-1996), the artists that provided the background music for our adolescent years range from the Spice Girls, Blink 182, and Nelly to Taylor SwiftContinue reading “Week 17 – God, My Shepherd (Psalm 23)”

Why is being part of a church important? (Part 3)

Romans 1:11-13 For I long to visit you so I can bring you some spiritual gift that will help you grow strong in the Lord. 12 When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. 13 I want you to know, dear brothers and sisters, that IContinue reading “Why is being part of a church important? (Part 3)”

Week 16 – David and Goliath

Unlike the Oakland Athletics of this year’s MLB season, the A’s of 1990 was a beast of a team. The Athletics were appearing in their third straight World Series, having swept the Giants the year before. Their roster included four future Hall of Famers, not including the Bash Brothers pair of Mark McGwire and JoseContinue reading “Week 16 – David and Goliath”

Why is being part of a church important? (Part 2)

Romans 1:9-11a  God knows how often I pray for you. Day and night I bring you and your needs in prayer to God, whom I serve with all my heart by spreading the Good News about his Son. 10 One of the things I always pray for is the opportunity, God willing, to come at last toContinue reading “Why is being part of a church important? (Part 2)”

Why is being a part of a church important? (Part 1)

Romans 1:8, 14-15 As I stood in the hallway conversing with a long-time church member that hadn’t been to church in a while, I anticipated that upon handing in his ministry team resources, he would also inform me that he and his wife would no longer be attending the church. I was correct in myContinue reading “Why is being a part of a church important? (Part 1)”

Week 15 – King Me!

Nothing was more exhilarating to say but deflating to hear than the phrase “King me!” when playing checkers as a child. Saying the words gave me a sense of accomplishment and hope even if down several pieces, and nothing caused more apprehension than my opponent saying the words, “King Me!” feeling like they had gainedContinue reading “Week 15 – King Me!”

Faith is not Genetic (Judges)

Directly before the book of Judges, the text of Joshua ends with a covenant renewal ceremony. In Joshua 24, Joshua gathers all the tribes of Israel together at a place called Shechem and begins recounting all of the amazing things God has done, starting with how he used Abraham to create the nation of Israel,Continue reading “Faith is not Genetic (Judges)”

Week 13: Sold Out To God (The Shema, Part 2)

In part one of this two-week focus on the Shema, we concluded that since there is one God who has revealed Himself to us through Scripture, He alone is worthy of our worship. When attending the Student Weekend this past weekend, the speaker gave the following definition of worship. “Worship is being preoccupied with GodContinue reading “Week 13: Sold Out To God (The Shema, Part 2)”

Week 12 – Sold Out to God (The Shema, Part 1)

Growing up, I never did Black Friday shopping, but my wife convinced me to go with her once early in our marriage. I will never forget the site as we pulled into the parking lot of Target. It was dark and freezing cold, yet, the faint light from the light poles provided enough visibility toContinue reading “Week 12 – Sold Out to God (The Shema, Part 1)”